We have over twenty years experience writing web applications in a variety of sectors. We listen to your business requirements and then advise on how web technologies (server and client) can be best used to meet those requirements. We have a proven track record of transforming business requirements and problems into solid web application solutions that boost productivity, help generate income and reduce costs.

Past Projects Include:

  • PDF generation (including print-ready pages sent directly to commercial printers).
  • Data transfers to/from third party systems: car dealers, real estate, TradeMe, accounting/stock level management, Ministry of Health, legacy systems etc...
  • Building gateways between third-party applications (Linking CRM/accounting APIs with Warehousing APIs).
  • Ecommerce applications that include: multiple currencies, warehouses/locations, payment gateways, automated shipping, CRM/Accounting software integration, order management.
  • Secure applications using https.
  • Multi level user and customer access to systems, including companies, branches, administration/non-administration accounts.
  • Geo Location (delivering content based on browser location, or region selection, populating maps with location based content).
  • Dynamic web applications using the latest technologies for responsive, up-to-date, and multi-platform web applications (desktops, tablets and phones).
  • Automated transmission, receipt, and processing of email and SMS messages.
  • Data collection, custom reporting and graphing (including dashboarding), intuitive search and filtering.